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Web Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

August 2019 Hiking in the Wenaha Wilderness.

August 2018 Hiking in the Eagle Creek drainage in the Main Eagle (Boulder Park) section of the Wallowas.

June 2018 Trovodor Picantes born! Son of Sabrina (daughter of Peppercorn) and Lost Creek Troubadour.

January 2018 Smith and Penny Lane rescued from caretakers with age and health issues.

December 2017 Windu, Gandolf and Mocha return from caretakers with health issues.

December 2017 Bandit finds a new home.

November 2017 Mary Fair and Sabrina returns.

June 2016 Boardman update.

May 2016 Umtanum Creek training trip.

February 2016 Boardman rescue.

October 2015 Sunset and Louie find a new home.

August 2015 Llama Rescue

July 2015 Unit Lake, Eagle Cap Wilderness pack trip.

April 2015 Event planned at Umtanum Creek over Memorial Day weekend.

October 2014 Llama Rescue

October 2014 Goat Rocks Wilderness pack trip.

September 2014 East Eagle pack trip.

August 2014 Llama Rescue

July 2014 Our beloved Emmy passed away, struck down by Listeria.

June 2014 See the 2014 PNW BCL Rendezvous article.

May 2014 King Asher's first offspring, now 3 years old, goes on his first pack trip, to Umtanum Creek recreation area.

April 2014 King Asher and Kira Indian Quartz give birth to King Asher's Legado.

January 2014 Article posted about the 2013 BCL Rendezvous.

December 2013 Article posted about our discovery of Bluetongue Disease.

November 2013 See the 2014 PNW BCL Rendezvous plans.

October 2013 Llama Rescue

October 2013 Article posted about Bluetongue Disease, based on our experience in the recent epidemic.

September 2013 Lakes Basin pack trip.

August 2013 BTV strikes the herd, killing Wild Bill and Santa Fe.  King Asher also dies suddenly.

July 2013 See the 2013 PNW BCL Rendezvous results.

July 2013 The Matriarch passes to the great beyond. Our loss is heavens gain.

March 2013 Llama rescue

January 2013 Llama rescue

December 2012 See the 2013 PNW BCL Rendezvous plans.

September 2012 Llama rescue

September 2012 Pack trip to Long Lake in the Wallowas.

August 2012 Llama rescue

August 2012 Pack trip to the Goat Rocks Wilderness.

April 2012 Wild llama rescue.

March 2012 Hike to the top of Badger Mt.

February 2012 New home found for lost llamas.

January 2012 Moved surrendered llamas on Lost and Found to Homeless Llamas page.

January 2012 Added Lost and Found page.

January 2012 Update to the Bonnie Lakes hike.

December 2011 Update to the Catherine Creek hike.

October 2011 New "unemployed" llamas.

September 2011 Pack trip to the Catherine Creek area of the Wallowas.

August 2011 Pack trip to Broken Top, Oregon

July 2011 Pack trip to Cape Meares, Oregon.

July 2011 Little Flower and Leela deliver their cria's.

June 2011 Baby Watch!

April 2011 Another Asher escapade -- Llama or Dog?

March 2011 An Asher escapade -- Gone Ape.

December 2010  Sabrina, Peppercorn's last offspring.

October 2010  King Asher receives his PLTA Master Pack certification

September 2010 Buck Creek trek.

July 2010 Join in the October PLTA pack trials in Oregon.

June 2010 See the 2010 Rendezvous results.

May 2010 See the NW Drive-in

May 2010 See the Burns, Oregon PLTA pack trial photos.

January 2010  Come to the Backcountry Llama Rendezvous and Drive-in.

October 2009 Event planned.  Lighted Christmas Parade.  See the video.

September 2009  2009 Backcountry Llama Rendezvous and Drive-in article and photos.

August 2009  See the 2009 Benton-Franklin Fair llama photos.  Marley wins an award.

August 2009 See our water chiller to combat the summer heat.

July 2009 Pete Lake Hike

May 2009 NW Drive-In

April 2009 Badger Mt. Hike

January 2009 Don't miss the 2009 Backcountry Llama Rendezvous and Drive-in!

October 2008 Trick or Treat with llamas.

October 2008 Corn Maze in Pasco

September 2008 Llama trek in the Strawberry Wilderness.

September 2008 New Unemployed Llama page added.

August 2008 Benton-Franklin County Fair

August 2008 Love of Llamas in the news.

August 2008 2008 Llama Rendezvous article.

August 2008 Llama Trekking in the Wallowas video added.

July 2008 NW Backroads episode in the news.

June 2008 Yearlings needing a new home.

May 2008 Farrugut Drive-In

March 2008 Don't miss the 2008 Fair!

February 2008 Badger Mountain Hike

December 2007 Fuzzy Reindeer

November 2007 Don't miss the 2008 Llama Rendezvous and Drive-in!

October 2007 CORN MAiZE events!

September 2007 New baby!

July 2007 Rendezvous article added to the event page.

June 2007 Don't miss the 2007 Llama Rendezvous and Drive-in!  See photos.

June 2007 More rescues

March 2007 More rescues

February 2007  The 2006 Rendezvous newsletter article has been posted.

December 2006  Don't miss the 2007 Llama Rendezvous and Drive-in!

November 2006  Santana Memorial.  He's left a tremendous void in the herd.

October 2006  Our devoted Sharpei, Samson, passed away.  He suffered a great deal late in life from cancer and other serious health issues, but never gave up.  We ultimately had to free him from his pain.

September 2006  Slide show of the N. Eagle Cap hike added.

August 2006  Rendezvous results and photographs.

July 2006  Two new rescues from Yakima.

June 2006  Don't miss the 2006 Llama Rendezvous and Drive-in!

May 2006  Updated the fecal exam page.

January 2006  Added an information page on the upcoming Eastern WA Backcountry Llama Rendezvous and Pack Trial.

November 2005  Added hi res pictures to the N. Eagle Cap and S. Eagle Cap hikes.

October 2005 Updated the llama care page with more information.

New page, "Llamas in the News"

September 2005  N. Eagle Cap and S. Eagle Cap hikes.

August 2005 Winter Sunshine's fleece won Best of Class and a Blue Ribbon (1st overall) at the 2005 Benton/Franklin Fair.

August 2005 New cria!  A bouncing baby boy, aptly named Rowdy.

July 2005  Oregon Butte when the wildflowers are in bloom.  Gorgeous.

July 2005  Some of the llamas looking for new homes have found them.

June 2005  More llamas looking for new homes.

18 December 2004  Some of the llamas looking for new homes have found them.

28 November 2004  Added a page for Llamas looking for new homes.  These are local llamas that have lost or are losing their caretakers.

21 November 2004  Added a page for Lloyal Mariah, a recent acquisition.  We've begun training her for carting.

1 November 2004  I've written an article about llama intelligence.

28 September 2004  Our herd grew by two -- a rescued Mom with her two week old cria.  The mother's name is Twilight Song and is ILR-registered, and the cria has been named Lion's Melody.  Aside from some minor treatable health issues, both are doing fine.

8 June 2004  Our treasured Juniper Dune died.  She had an unseen birth defect of a malformed (immature) colon -- a consequence of endophyte poisoning of the mother.

3 June 2004  Emmy gave a troubled birth to Juniper Dune.  We soon after discovered the source of our recurring birthing problems.  Endophytes!

2 May 2004  We are deeply saddened that Mighty Fine Gold died this day -- likely due to vandalism.

14 April 2004 Sunshine gave birth to a new baby boy, named King Asher!

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