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Umtanum Creek 2014




May 2014 found the wildflowers in bloom at the Umtanum Creek recreation area (BLM) south of Ellensburg, WA along the Yakima River.  This was a training gathering for the llamas, being the very first trip for Mr T Is Just It at age 3 -- two days totaling about 8 miles each day, the first with little elevation gain but lots of challenging obstacles. It began with a river crossing over a suspension bridge, which requires pannier removal to get onto it (very narrow access).  There was lots of thick brush with snags, water crossings, step over, coarse scree, unrestrained dogs, etc.  The second day was about 2000' climb but with fewer obstacles, both days lightly loaded. He handled it all without difficulty.

He did well, all along standing still essentially unrestrained (except for a tie-out) while saddling and loading and did not show any signs of tiring.  He was extremely alert with everything being strange and new and when actually encountering movements or unidentified objects he sometimes reflexively reacted mildly but never panicked and would quickly compose himself.

Rowdy, Marley and Llazlo accompanied Mr. T to set the example.

We observed deer, swallows, bats, rattlesnakes, raptors and more. Oh, and ticks.

Marley following Mr. T

Mr T, followed by Marley and Llazlo

Mr. T's first pack trip


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