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Lloyal Mariah



Mariah's Crias

  • Mariah is a very intelligent and gentle llama.
  • Born October 1, 1994 to Uber's Kismet and Wind River's Molly Brown.
  • Despite some poor handling received in her younger life, she is still friendly once trust is established.
  • Learns new things very quickly.
  • Very protective (especially with youngsters around), yet playful.  All the crias thoroughly enjoy her.
  • Registered with the International Llama Registry.
  • Underwent cart training.  She drove for a while but since decided it wasn't something she cared for.
  • See her with Sallee's Cria.

Mariah is presently on guard duty at a new home in Pasco, mothering a herd of goats.


Baby Pictures

Mariah's Crias ]

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