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Oregon Butte 2005



Mt. Misery

Some pictures from a July 2005 hike to Oregon Butte from the TeePee Trailhead, via the Mt. Misery Trail.

We camped next to a Native American gathering at Godman Springs.  They were there to practice the upcoming annual sun dance; several went on vision quests -- going into the wilderness for days with no food or water.  A wedding was performed.  They were very friendly and invited us to their sweat lodge and showed us an ancient medicine wheel that was recently discovered there right next to Godman, estimated to be thousands of years old by a Battelle astronomer who came up to survey it.  In return, many of them were very interested in the llamas and really enjoyed learning about them.

Spring fed water trough prior to the final ascent to the butte.
A nice rest stop for Anne, Twilight, Buffy and Pepper.

View from Oregon Butte -- wildflowers in bloom.

The other direction.

Pepper Leads
Notice how Pepper Corn is leading himself?

Pepper Trail
I let him walk on his own and just follow along for half the trip.

Pepper Trail cont.
He kept watch on his girls.

Destination in sight.

Nearing the fire lookout station.  Elevation 6387 feet.  Built in 1931.

Lunch break.  Rex McMullin; Noel, Robin and Georgia McRae; Gayle.

Lots of color...

and shapes.

Some young elk cows.  22 elk were counted in all.  They were quite curious.

Mt. Misery ]

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