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This page features llamas in need of a new home, typically due to caretaker crisis.

Smith and Penny Lane

January 2018: "Smitty" and Penny Lane are two well cared for llamas removed from a situation where the caretakers had become too infirm due to age and illness.  Smith is thought to be 25+ years old, already resident when the present caretakers bought the property (along with Wesson, another guard llama and close friend to Smitty who passed away not long afterwards).  They until recently served as guard llamas for an active alpaca ranch.

Smitty, both awake and at rest.  He has not been shorn in at least a couple years so this is about as long as his hair gets.

WHL Penny Lane is ILR 254787, born 2003.  She was shorn this past year but as can be seen from the neck hair it doesn't get long.

Boardman and Colleen (Colleen relocated to a 4H group and pack team for training)

February 2016.  Two llamas, an intact male and female, were abandoned in the Boardman, Oregon tree farm.  After a month on the loose there the Morrow County Sheriff's Dept. contacted us after attempts to locate the owner were unsuccessful.  The male was easily captured but the female was altogether another story.  The male may be an offspring of the female and vet exam indicates the female is pregnant.  Observer reports conveyed they appeared to gain weight during their time free, and are generally in pretty good shape with no serious medical issues.  Both are fearful and not easy to handle, with the male closely bonded to the female.

May 2016 update:  Both are doing well. Colleen gets a quick no-frills (low stress) haircut, which she actually did well at, standing quite still [left], as did Boardman [right].

December 2017 update:  No baby.  Colleen relocated to a 4H group and pack team for training.

Bandit New Home Found near Port Angeles, Washington

August 2015.  Bandit was a fire refugee from north central Washington.  Evacuation centers were full.  Gelded and pack trained.

Sweet and easy to handle, and smart.  He's an accomplished leaper, able to jump 6' fences, but does not go far and goes back home when told.

December 2017 update:  Bandit was adopted into a packing operation near Port Angeles, WA.

Ricco New Home Found near Monroe, Washington

November 2014. Ricco was rescued by a neighbor of a household that butchered llamas for food.  He was the last remaining of a group of llamas this household acquired (perhaps by being young and smaller).

Arrived injured and is undergoing treatment.

April 2015.  Ricco was evaluated by a veterinarian and declared to have "healed nicely".  He is a very easy to handle and well behaved llama.

Denali New Home Found near Portland, Oregon

October 2014: Denali, rescued from three months of abandonment in the Goat Rocks Wilderness of Washington.

Premera Gang

August 2014. Caretaker demise led to a rescue situation for a closely bonded group of four llamas, Premera Surprise ILR134055 (January 1994), Kramer (June 1996), Fancy Pants (June 1998), and Desperados Lady (July 2000).  All four are very nice llamas.

Left to right: Premera, Lady, Fancy and Kramer

February 2015: Fancy Pants and Kramer die of a mysterious affliction following prolonged treatment at WSU.  Necropsies were performed and WSU attributed it to a previous period of malnutrition causing internal damage but the specific cause is unknown.

June 2015:  Lady dies of the same mysterious affliction as Fancy and Kramer, presenting identical symptoms that do not respond to treatment.  Determination is they all three suffered from systemic organ damage due to chronic poisoning from eating toxic plants, likely while not being fed adequately at their previous location or perhaps being supplied hay containing toxic vegetation.  Premera, who arrived by far the skinniest, continues to do fine.  She likely did not eat, or eat as much of, the available toxic plants.

Sunset and Louie   New Home Found in Richland, Washington

October 2013: Sunset (L) and Louie (R), Both with stunted growth, Louie severely malnourished after being prematurely separated from his momma -- just skin and bones.  Sunset is about 3 years old and Louie 8 months.

Sunset is all sweetness and kisses, but not at all pushy.  Very gentle and mild mannered.  He seems to become everyone's favorite that comes into contact with him.

August 2014: Louie is doing much better and is a happier llama.

October 2015:  Fully recovered and a well mannered, loveable pair, they have been relocated to a home with lush hilly pasture in Richland.

Santa Fe Not Available

March 2013.  Intact male @ 265lbs.  Santa Fe was left behind along with a horse when the owners moved away following a divorce. His age is unknown but is estimated at 10 years.  He halters and leads very well.  Easy to handle and appears easy going and mild mannered.  Note his black spots around each eye, muzzle and on the neck.  He looks generally healthy but hasn't been shorn in years.  He had pieces of metal wire fencing tangled in his tail.

April 2013 Update: Unfortunately he unknowingly arrived with West Nile Virus (confirmed), resulting in poliomyelitis, losing muscle control of his rear legs.  He had been housed next to a canal, likely exposed to infected mosquitoes.

August 2013 Update: Santa Fe contracted bluetongue disease in the regional outbreak. Sadly, he has passed over the rainbow bridge.

Seven-Up and Princess. New Home Found near Portland, Oregon

January 2013. Seven-up is about a year and a half and Princess is about nine months.  Halters and leads.

The parents of Princess are Prince and Sophia.  Seven-Up originated at Powerline, parents unknown.

Seven-Up (L) and Princess (R)

Sabrina  New Home Found near Portland, Oregon

September 2012.  Caretakers were no longer physically able to take care of their animals.  About 2-1/2 years old.  Treating a skin condition on her back (appears to be fungus).  Friendly.  Sire is ILR registered.

Mica and Goldstone New Home Found for Goldstone (and Big Red) in Burbank, New Home found for Mica in Oregon, with Quake, Goldstone relocated to Pasco after his companions passed away.

August 2012. History and age unknown.  Found at Hermiston auction.  Reportedly the owner sold the property they and a couple of sheep resided on and left the animals behind (abandoned) and the new owners didn't want the animals.  Halters quite easily and leads well.


Mica Goldstone

Summer 2014:  Goldstone is actively packing and doing well.

Big Red and herd New Home Found for Big Red (and Goldstone) in Burbank, keeping another one-eared llama company. New Home Found for Misty near Portland, Oregon

April 2012: These three were recovered from high desert rangeland north of Selah, WA.  At least three llamas, a female and two intact males, were abandoned there around 2007 to fend for themselves.  The female gave birth each year but we think she was killed by a pack of dogs in January 2011, leaving an orphan female youngster.  This group of three that we found includes one of the originals, Big Red, who looks to be about 10 years old or so, another intact male that looks about 3 years old, and a blue-eyed female that looks to be nearly 2 years old.

This is Big Red.  According to an eyewitness he lost an ear in a fight when a rival male from a second group challenged him.  Reportedly the llamas split into two groups as Big Red drove off the young males.  We have not located the second group yet but witnesses report it's down to only two llamas with one of them having an injured leg.

This is the unnamed feral male, whom we've named Wild Bill.  He's an accomplished high jumper and is playful.

August 2013 Update: Sadly, after training to handle with haltering, leading and picking up feet, he suffered a case of bluetongue disease in a regional outbreak and passed over the rainbow bridge.  He was a good boy with a gentle heart.

This is the unnamed wild female yearling, whom we've named Misty.  She spit off a male that made advances so may be pregnant. Both eyes are blue.  She is not deaf.

May update:  The males have been gelded and shorn, and female pregnancy aborted.  Fecal exams show large numbers of E. Mac. present in all three.

June update: All three can be haltered and tolerate some handling.  Big Red and Misty will now stand for thorough touching.  Wild Bill is still pretty wild but being the healthiest has been worked with the least.  Big Red suffered a rumen flora collapse.  Transfaunation performed at WSU.

Big Red comes out of surgery for his damaged and infected outer ear canal.  Still working to eliminate the E. Mac.  WSU is revising their treatment protocol in response to inadequate efficacy of the standard Albon regimen.

Big Red recovers fine.

No Names (yet) New Home Found in Pasco -- in training for packing

This pair of classic geldings showed up outside of our property, first spotted near the busy Taylor Flats Road Saturday January 7th, 2012.  At risk of entering high speed traffic they were herded back up the road by a passer-by in a truck to our place (which they were attracted to once they spotted our llamas) where I could coax them into a spare pen.  One has a halter.  Condition appears good.  Ownership unknown.

January 8th update:  The caretakers have been identified.  Unknown to us these two recently arrived in the neighborhood as boarders at one of our neighbors about an eighth mile away.  They discovered the llamas absent this afternoon, determined they were here, but have not come to get them yet or committed to do so.

January 16th update:  The owner wishes to surrender the pair.  Little history is known and names are unknown.

April update:  The two are doing well and are taking to pack duty, but it turns out they are not geldings.  Their testicles had not descended yet.  They were younger than they appeared.  They have been named Smokey (right) and Bandit (left).

Dash.  New Home Found near Portland, Oregon

Female.  Age approximately four.  She has had one baby.

She is friendly and halters and leads well.

July 2012 Update:  Dash was pregnant!  She gave birth to a healthy baby girl, named Mary Fair.  Researching her history, it appears the sire is Smokey (above).  He is the only male she had contact with at the prior owners place, though he was quite young at the time.

Tiki's Easy Bacardi, Stage Stop Damon Hunter, and MV Camouflage. New Home Found near Portland, Oregon

Intact males just over a year old.  From Benton City, WA

All three ILR Registered

Being checked out by Xerox and Rowdy.

Camouflage -- A Suri Llama

Damon Hunter

Easy Bacardi

Panda and Lacee New Home Found in West Richland

Panda came to us with Lacee at her side, about one month old at the time of her arrival.

Dalia (Flower's baby) and Lacee quickly became good friends

Fonzie New Home Found near Portland, Oregon

Fonzie is another Salem, Oregon rescue.  Now gelded.

He's pretty easy going.  Halters and leads well.

Update:  At his new home he quickly took to pack duty and is doing well.

Mr. Sunshine New Home Found near Portland, Oregon

Mr. Sunshine is another Salem, Oregon rescue.  Now gelded.

He's pretty easy going.  Halters and leads well.

Update:  At his new home he quickly took to pack duty and is doing well.

Little Flower and Leela and Einstein New Home Found for Einstein, Leela (and her offspring Sunset) in Hermiston

New Home Found for Little Flower (and her offspring Dalia) in West Richland

Little Flower (darker) and her daughter Leela are January rescues from Salem, Oregon. Einstein, next to Leela, is a youngster also from Flower.  Approximate ages are Flower 4yr, Leela 3yr and Einstein 7 months.  Flower and Leela were both very skinny (body score 1.5) and suffering from liver failure, but with treatment have recovered and are now doing fine and have gained considerable weight.  Coming from a location with an intact male both arrived presumed pregnant, soon confirmed.  Weaned (Flower is too emaciated to lactate), Einstein has found a home with others of his age to play with in Hermiston.

Five months later Flower gets a haircut -- revealing just how VERY pregnant she is.  Both Flower and Leela were very calm and cooperative during the shearing.

They delivered their cria's the first weekend of July.  The sire is presumed to be Mr. Sunshine (who is also believed to be Leela's sire) above.

Bailey (l) & Gemini Peru (r) New Home Found in West Richland

Bailey (left) is a large llama, age unknown but not old. ABSE Gemini Peru (right), ILR #168432, was born June 22, 1996 in Montana.  Both geldings are in good condition and will halter and lead, though Bailey is timid.  Gemini is a self-assured and wise old llama, minding his own business but not taking guff from anyone. They have been relocated to our place.

Mohamad Ali (l) and Count Divot (r) New Home Found in Hermiston

Divot is registered ILR #85678.  Ali is not but has known parentage.  Both are gelded males about 18 years old.  Retired.  Need TLC.  Losing their home (caretakers moving).


Fernando is a handsome and well mannered classic gelding in need of a new home.  Currently residing in Pasco, WA.

April and Breezee New Home Found

These two seven year old females are about to lose their home in Rathdrum, ID.  April (l) is a descendant of Lord Daniel (Jim Logan), noted for exceptionally calm demeanor, and Breezee (r) a descendant of Apricot Brandi (Barb Brady).  April has one blue eye and a slightly curved nose, but has no functional defects.  Both lead easily and are friendly and inquisitive (especially April).

Gandalf, Cashew, Mocha  New Home Found in W. Richland for all three


These three yearling (14 months) boys are in need of a new home.  They have been relocated to our place to avoid breeding, being the current owner is running their llamas all together.  They do not want to have any more crias.  (It may be too late...)

Value   New Home Found S. of Spokane, guarding calves

Given away by a couple getting out of the cow raising business.  After being dumped there 8-9 years beforehand along with a second llama that died a week before we arrived, this approx. 10 year old handsome gelding was ignored in the cow pasture.  He had no known name, other than "worthless llama", which even the neighbors that came over to see what was going on called him.  OBTW, it happened to be mentioned in casual conversation that in their recent years of raising animals they were fortunate to no longer be experiencing a predation problem like their neighbors continued to have.  Hmmm...   Nope, the light never went on until we flipped that switch as we were loading him up.

"Value", as we named him, is now serving as guard animal on a large cattle ranch south of Spokane, WA.  He was heavily parasited with strongyle and nematodirus but other than that was in pretty good shape when we transported him here.  The white spots on his jaw are from a halter that was left on and became ingrown, cut off years before.  Surprisingly, once caught he was very easy to halter and lead.  I suspect he would make a good pack llama too.

Freedom and Independence    New Home Found in West Richland

Yakima rescues, whom we've named Freedom (r) and Independence (l), soon after transport to our place in early July.

Genealogy unknown.  Indy is about 1.5 years old and Freedom is about 2.5 years old.

Underfed, heavily parasited, and very underweight when found -- abandoned in a drylot -- now treated and relaxing in green pasture awaiting new home.
Examined at WSU Pullman.  Aside from neglect, they are in good shape.
Now trained to halter and stand while feet are checked and will free stand while brushed.  Freedom leads well, Indy is still reluctant but will follow Freedom.  The two are closely bonded.

Sallee + Bambee + Smokee    New Home Found in Hermiston

Charming Sallee (mom) 6 years old, and Bambee (cria) along with orphan weanling Smokee (left), both males, rescued from a family that has not been able to keep them fed.  Smokee's mom died a week before from apparent malnutrition and bloat.  Bambee's sire is suspected to be King Solomon (ILR registered).  Ready for adoption.  Sallee originated in Stanfield, Oregon and is registered with the ILR #237506.  Note:  Unfortunately Bambee did not survive.  He passed away suddenly, possibly due to inadequate passive transfer.  Sallee is pregnant, most likely from Cuzco (below).

Sallee delivered her cria!

Cuzco    New Home Found E. of Pasco, guarding goats

Cuzco is a male, age unknown.  From the same location as Sallee, Smokee and Bambee (above).  One torn ear tip. Genealogy unknown.  It's believed he was obtained via local livestock auction.  Strong guard instinct, yet real good with people. Long term report is he has been doing a great job guarding.

KayTee + Aricontee + Shadow     New Home Found for Aricontee (with Cuzco) E. of Pasco.  New Home Found for KayTee and Shadow in Hermiston.

These three are from the same location as the preceding two above.  KayTee Gal Lunes, the dam, above left, 8 years old, with her month old female cria Shadow, and her yearling male Aricontee.  All three are very attached to one another.  All are in pretty good shape.  KayTee originated from the same farm as Sallee (above) and is registered with the ILR #208197.  Aricontee and Shadow may have been sired by Cuzco (above), though Shadow may have been sired by King Solomon (whom she bears much stronger resemblance to).  Shadow is being treated for pneumonia.

There are now no more llamas at the home the above llamas came from.

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