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Pepper Corn



Pepper's Crias

Llamania Pepper Corn

Key Attributes

  • His registered sire, Gaupo Caballero, was direct from Bolivia and has been blood tested.
  • His registered dam, Reta's Daisy Mae, was U.S. born, with a full-blood Chilean sire, also blood tested.
  • Well-mannered and gentle, yet assertive and confident.  He has given rides to children and packs.
  • Energetic.  Loves to go places and thrives on mental and physical stimulation.
  • Toenails rarely need trimming.
  • Solid black wool of medium diameter is easy to spin and weave.
  • Stocky build with good conformation, strong back -- Carries himself with smooth graceful ease.
  • Excellent packer.  Goes anywhere.  Completed double Master pack trials.
  • Alpha male. The dams really like him!  (They have a better 'eye' than we do.)  Talented singer.  ;-)
  • Registered with the International Llama Registry.  Blood tested.
  • Died July 8, 2010

Baby Pictures

Age 11


See Packing Page for more Peppercorn photos


So full of a zest for life, Peppercorn suffered the maladies of old age and had to be retired from the packing he so enjoyed, but is now as free as a bird and can pronk from star to star whenever he wants, and as much as it pains us to be separated, we trust his sweet spirit can spend the rest of eternity free from pain and distress.

Pepper's Crias ]

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