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Juniper Dune

Key Attributes

  • Born Sept. 14, 1997
  • Emmy is a large, affectionate and loveable girl, previously with lots to love as she also loves to eat!
  • With Hoovermatic mode engaged, can empty a string of feed buckets before the sound of the dinner bell reaches the other girls.
  • Without restricting her forage, we've found that adding the low-calorie nutritional supplement satisfied her cravings.  She cut way back on her forage intake and shed the pounds all on her own!
  • She is easy to work with and has packed on easy trips.
  • She has driven teamed with Sunshine.
  • Medium length dense gray wool, double coated.
  • The younger half-sister of Dazy-May (who is in the background of the photo below).
  • Registered with the International Llama Registry.
  • Died July 29, 2014

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