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S. Eagle Cap 2007



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Eagle Cap Wilderness, Oregon, Main Eagle / Boulder Park Trailhead, 2007

Immediately following the 2007 Backcountry Llama Rendezvous, a three day hike was made into the Southern Eagle Cap Wilderness, primarily to Cache Lake.  Scott was accompanied most of the way by four women, Barb, Pat, Karen and Carol.

Pat and Barb on a bridge crossing

Scott and Pat, trekking through Eagle Creek valley

Scott leading a four llama train

Barb crosses Eagle Creek

Scott crosses Eagle Creek

Scott keeps his feet dry

Rocky terrain

Another bridge crossing

One of the many meadows along the way

Pat navigates a narrow bridge

No dry spot here.  The trail to Bear and Culver Lakes.

Camp along Eagle Creek

Llamas relaxing in the meadow after a hard days work

Cache Lake

For (lots) more pictures, see South Eagle 07

Lots More Pics ]

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