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Corn Maze 07




Arrangements were made to visit two local corn mazes.  The first was on Friday evening of October 26 to a five acre cornfield in Pasco.  We took Peppercorn to the outing and a local alpaca farm brought a couple of their alpacas.  There was a straw bale pyramid to climb and a small zoo of farm animals too.  The camelids were a big attraction among the visitors.

The second outing was late afternoon Saturday November 3 to a 25 acre corn maze (and nine acre pumpkin patch).  It took a couple hours to navigate this one.  It included three long dark tunnels with dangling "cobwebs" and a giant straw pyramid in the middle of it so people could get more of a birds eye view of the way out of the maze.  Folks also got to fire the corn cob cannons at targets on the firing range, which the llamas took in stride, and watch the pumpkin cannon launch pumpkins into the stratosphere.  The "kids", large and small, raced around the pedal car track and again, the llamas were a big attraction to young and old alike.  The llamas were very well behaved and had a good time.  Winter Sunshine was enjoying herself so much she didn't want to leave when it was time to go.

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