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Mighty Fine Gold

Mighty3sm.jpg (48675 bytes)Mighty Fine Gold is a fully registered and blood-typed full-blood Peruvian male llama.  His sire is Peruvian Pardo (ALSA Grand National Champion), and the dam is Peruvian Alma --  both direct from Peru.  At 40", he is miniature foundation stock.  He has had several offspring, all of which have been small in stature -- even when bred to large females.  His wool is a silky buff gold color, fine, and relatively short.  Very low maintenance.  The toenails don't even need to be trimmed.  Registered with the International Llama Registry.

Star Sapphire

Star.JPG (101089 bytes)Star Sapphire is a fully registered female.  Her sire is Toranado (blood typed, but now deceased) and dam Cuvee's Tuxedo Lady.  This sweetheart stands all of 35" tall and is miniature stock.   She has long gray wool that is soft and silky and grows very fast -- entered into competition in 2004, winning Best of Class, Presidents Choice and Best Open Class.  She is also a maiden and should be bred to a miniature male.  Along with Mighty Fine, they would make a great breeding pair for miniature's.  Registered with the International Llama Registry.

Cuvee's Tuxedo Lady

Tuxie9sm.jpg (93969 bytes)"Tuxie" is a USA fully registered female. Her sire is SM Cuvee (blood typed) and dam is Dazy-May (USA).  Tuxie is long-wooled and light to dark rose gray in color, soft and silky, with a length of 18" long that holds its twist.  She also sports a handsome white "blouse" front and spats.  She is 39" miniature foundation stock.  Registered with the International Llama Registry.


Lyon's Melody

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