Rattlesnake Ridge




This pair of classic geldings showed up outside of our property, first spotted near the busy Taylor Flats Road Saturday January 7th, 2012.  At risk of entering high speed traffic they were herded back up the road by a passer-by in a truck to our place (which they were attracted to once they spotted our llamas) where I could coax them into a spare pen.  One has a halter.  Condition appears good.  Ownership unknown.

January 8th update:  The caretakers have been identified.  Unknown to us these two recently arrived in the neighborhood as boarders at one of our neighbors about an eighth mile away.  They discovered the llamas absent this afternoon, determined they were here, but have not come to get them yet or committed to do so.

January 16th update:  The owner wishes to surrender the pair.

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Last modified: 15 May 2012