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June Bud

We are no longer primarily a dedicated breeding operation, but we do have llama's for sale -- or lease for 4-H projects!  See the llama pages.  Some were bred locally while others have been rescued and trained.  Llama rescue has replaced breeding.  While it's difficult to part company with them after building a relationship, there are more llamas than we can keep busy ourselves and are always looking for suitable homes.  All are healthy (disease and parasite free), strong and well behaved -- and, of course, each has their own unique character and attributes.  All juveniles and adults are at a minimum halter and lead trained.  Some have packing and/or driving training/experience.  None have behavioral problems.  If a rescue llama has known behavior problems that have not yet been corrected, that will be disclosed and they will be placed accordingly (with experienced owners).

A word of warning up front:  We won't sell llama's to just anyone!   All prospective owners will undergo a screening and/or assistance for adequate facilities and knowledge prior to sale.

June Bud ]

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