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Berry Patch 2004




July 2004 saw a trip to Berry Patch trailhead in the Goat Rocks Wilderness of the Cascade Mountains SE of Randle, Washington.  This was a training run for both Buffy and Emmy.  Buffy had been on a couple of outings before, but Emmy, recently recovered from her traumatic surgery, needed a change of scenery (not to mention some exercise).  Every trip off the ranch for Emmy previous to this one had been to the vet.

A new bridge on Snowgrass Trail, on the way to Snowgrass Flats.

Side trip to Camp Creek Falls.  A nice swimming hole at the base of the falls.

Another side trip to the entrance of Layser Cave.  The llamas explored the cave interior with no trepidation.  As far as we know they're the first llamas to ever enter this cave.

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