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Pear Lake 2003




Here's one of our stud males, Pepper Corn, on a July 2003 three-day excursion to Pear Lake north of White Pass in the Washington Cascades with a group of Boy Scouts.  Getting to Pear Lake requires hiking through the notorious and aptly named Mosquito Valley.  This was Pepper's first real hike -- trial by fire.  He handled the many obstacles, treefalls, streams, bridges, narrow switchbacks, etc., without a single problem -- thoroughly enjoying himself.  Fortunately he keeps himself in top physical shape, being a very active llama on or off the ranch.

Ready to hit the trail:  Dallin, Jason, Kyle, Pepper, Dillon, Andrew, Scott, Danny, with Flint behind the camera.

Having just traversed the heavily wooded valley, losing count of the numerous up-and-down switchbacks on the trail, some members of the troop (those without the foresight to pack a heavy wool burka) faint due to blood loss from the hordes of mosquitoes, despite liberal expenditure of Deet provisions.  The planned two hour hike to the lake turned into six hours.

Eyeing Pear Lake, at last!

Pear Lake from the Campsite.

In the cool morning; 'nothing like breakfast as far as the eye can see!

Two days later, with strength renewed, it's back to the dusty trail for the trip home...


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